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Internet Fraud Complaint Center (FBI)Identity Theft Info...
  (800) 207-7676
Attention Medicare Recipients:
TL Service Center is nothing but a request from "?unknown?" to get your personal information on a prepaid postcard.
IT IS NOT FROM MEDICARE ITSELF (as it may appear!!)
LATEST!!! Emergency room doctors who think a patient's HMO has underpaid them can't bill the patient for the difference the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a big-money dispute in the medical industry

888 382 1222
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To remove your name and address from all mailing lists offered by the
main consumer credit reporting agencies call: 

limit marketing by mail - telephone and e-mail - write to below 
Mail Preference Service
c/o Direct Marketing Assn.
PO Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
Telephone Preference Service
c/o Direct Marketing Assn.
PO Box 9014
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E-mail Preference Service
Obtain a copy of your credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies (free under certain circumstances!!!).
Experian  888 397 3742      Equifax  800 685 1111      Trans Union  800 916 8800
ID theft andrequest of fraud alert on your credit file:
Experian  888 397 3742        Equifax 800 525 6285      Trans  Union  800 680 7269
Contact the Social Security Administration's fraud hotline 800 269 0271 to report unauthorized use of your personal identity information.
Contact your State Department of Motor Vehicles to check  whether an unauthorized license number in your name has been issued. Inform them that you are a victm of identity theft.
File a complaint with the FTC's identity theft hotline 877 IDTHEFT - or mail to: Identity Theft Clearinghouse,
FTC, 600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20580-0001 or go to

Web site warning! The Federal Trade Commission has warned  180 Internet Web site operators that their 'get rich quick'  business opportunities and pyramid schemes may  be illegal. Consumer education materials are available at or by calling the FTC at 202-326-2222.

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official website to search for unclaimed property by state
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Hospitals, physicians, and labs may charge and receive from an uninsured patient 300 to1000% higher fees than they would receive from the insurance company of  an insured patient for the same service. It just makes sense  for patients without  health insurance coverage to be able to negotiate hospital, doctor, and lab fees.
Be aware! More than 15% of  investors 
are so addicted to the securities
market, that they qualify for the 
definition of pathological gambler.
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When filling out the ''patient information 
page'' at the doctors office, you may want 
modify the terms if you disagree with 
them (i.e. payment responsibilities]. 
It can't hurt to add "reasonable 
and customary fees"and initial it".
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 where and with whomto file a complaint,
correct credit reports etc.
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